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Hey guys! It feels like its been forever since I posted! And I FEEL HORRIBLE! I went on a trip to India, to visit my grandparents, and then soon discovered that they did not have WiFi! Imagine that look on my face! I was so devastated that I couldn’t post for two whole weeks! And I know that’s a really bad excuse, but that’s the truth! And I hate to tell you another  excuse but I have to, this week my cousins came over so I have to spend quality time with them instead of my blog, (my mothers exact words!) Now that I am done giving you my lame excuses I would like to tell you how my trip was!

As, much as I love my hometown, Chennai, India I was very disappointed to find it completely polluted! And I mean, TRASH EVERYWHERE! I absolutely hated to find my beautiful, hometown foot deep in trash. I have to say, America seems like heaven compared to there. There is also a lot of beggars on the streets. In a place that is covered in smoke from cars, and horrible air to breath in, people should not be living on the street. Not only is it extremely polluted, it is very HOT! I mean temperatures going to 110 degrees Fahrenheit  and sometimes even more. But, I guess I would be rude if I said all states in India, are polluted. There are some areas which have acres and acres of untouched land, and many people try to keep it that way.

The sad thing is that many people have decided not to do anything for Chennai, and have said that it’s “HOPELESS” to save and preserve the actual freshness of Chennai. I am so happy to be living in a place like Leesburg, where the grass runs free. I hope that in my future years that me and many others try to help Chennai become cleaner if not perfect. Thanks for reading! Now, it’s time to return comments! I LOVE BLOGGING!



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I’m Back!


tank messycupcakes via CompfightYou can see it in her eyes.. Brian Y. via Compfight



Hey guys! Remember me? Browny, the widget on Namitha’s blog? Ring a bell? Well, back in the middle of the school year, I decided to guest post for Namitha, and it was so much fun I decided to do it again. Click here to read the past post of mine. I had to beg Namitha to post on her blog, she is always so protective, sheesh, she needs to take a chill pill if you know what I mean. (Above are a few pictures of me extremely bored!) What should I blog about this time. Last time, I blogged about my top ten favorite food. OH! I GOT IT! I’ll blog about my top ten favorite activities this time! Okay, lets get started shall we!

  1. FETCH! Whats more fun than tossing the old tennis ball back and forth, am I right?
  2. EAT! Name the food I’m there!
  3. SLEEP! Everyone, even dogs, need their beauty sleep!
  4. SWIMMING! Not to brag but my doggy paddle is OFF THE HOOK!
  5. FRISBEE! Even though it hurts my teeth after…
  6. DOGGY SPA! Sometimes, your cuticles need a vacation day.
  7. HIDE AND SEEK! Although, people always try to find my tail first!
  8. TUG OF WAR! Never lost in my entire life!
  9. PUPPY PLAY DATES! Who doesn’t love to jump around with friends?
  10. READING COMMENTS! Don’t tell Namitha, but sometimes I hop on her laptop and see the comments you guys type!

I’m tired, boy that was a lot of work. But, it was super fun. Leave me a comment, like I said I always love reading some comments! Thanks for reading!



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Tips To Make A Great Blog


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Hey guys! It’s the third day of summer, and I have to say i’m having a blast! As much as I love summer, I still get a little bored at times. Guess what I immediately when I am bored, BLOG! So, you, yes you! Should open up a free blog on edublogs right now! Yes, right now! Why are you still reading, but since I have your attention here are a few tips to make your blog fabulous!

  1. Start and All About Me page. Let readers know some things about you like what are your hobbies and interests. Once you get that posted on your blog, let the traffic roll in.
  2. The more you leave comments and visit the more you get comments and visits! So, try to explore some different blogs. Always leave your URL when you comment so they can return the visit. You’ll never get a comment or a visit from them if you forget that key URL!
  3. Post, post, post. Once you blog is starting, you should post daily to show you readers that your blog is still active. The more you post, the more traffic you’ll get to your blog. After you blog is up and running, you can slowly decrease the amount you post. If you maintain blogging daily that really GREAT!
  4. Widgets. Widgets are one of the most important thing you can add to your blog, it really enhances the look. Without widgets your blog may appear boring and plaid, add them to really show the beauty of your blog.
  5. Post on different genres! Nobody wants to read a post thats boring, add sensory words or humor to keep the reader hooked. Explore different genres of posts like, writing a funny short story or being serious about a topic like bullying.

Those are just a few tips, that if you follow will make your blog as beautiful as can be! Leave me a comment if  this post helped you, or not! Thanks for reading and I hope your enjoying your summer.



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Summer Short Story


walkingCreative Commons License disparkys via Compfight

Hey guys! No more school, no more homework, no more worrying about grades! ITS SUMMER TIME! I have to say though even if I am so happy that schools out, i’m also really sad about leaving my friends and teachers. I have to say it’s been a long time since I have posted a short story, so I decided to whip one up now. The topic? Summer!


My name is Summer Robinson, and I USED to hate summer. Annoying bugs, pesky bee’s, and sunshine blaring on your skin giving you an awful sunburn. I can deal with all of that, but its one thing I hate about summer the most. My cancer. I found out that I was diagnosed with cancer on June 16, the last day of school. I had to take a cancer test a few weeks ago, but I never thought me, Summer Robinson, cheerleader, dancer, and runner, could have cancer. Maybe your thinking cancer is not too bad, but once you get it, you’ll shut right up. I soon realized that the universe was out for me, giving me cancer on the last day of school. I thought my cancer would not affect me character and my social life but it did. Next school year, the second I shaved my head, people looked at me, stared even, and those people were supposed to be my best friends. They kicked me out of the cheerleading club, probably because I had no hair and wasn’t pretty enough to be a cheerleader. They didn’t kick me out of dance, but I had to leave myself ,since they were treating me like a 2 year old. But, something happened last summer that changed me forever. Here’s the story.

“WHEEZE, GASP.” I breath heavily in and out. Ever since my cancer took over, it’s been hard to run to my best ability. I am still above average, but I used to be extraordinary. Every mile in running club used to feel like a yard, but now it felt like a 1,000,000 yards. I wasn’t ready to quit though, this stupid cancer shouldn’t bring me down. The coach talked to me a few times, telling me it was okay to quit and come back when I was better, but I was determined. I take a deep breath and rest for a second before I start sprinting again. “So, i’m not the only one who likes to take running club slow,” says this perky, brunette behind me, sweating insanely. “Ha yeah, I used to be fast, but as you can probably tell by my shiny, bald head, cancer has gotten to me. “That sucks, but I hope you don’t think that I’m that mushy, gushy type of person, saying sorry for you, and giving you attention,” she says. Something about her attitude really sets with me. “Good, I’ve gotten enough of that from almost everyone!” I say smiling, showing her I really do like how she doesn’t care. “Oh I forgot to say, my names Carrie,” she says reaching out her sweat stained hand to shake mine. “Summer,” I reply. “Once were out of here do you want to get some Fro-Yo?” she asked obviously in the move for something cold, and fatty. “I could really use that, so sure,” I say happy that I remembered to bring an emergency $2o just in case.

Me and Carrie walk to the Pine Street Frozen Yogurt place ready to dig in. We talked about running club, school, horrid teachers, and more, but one thing we didn’t talk about was my cancer. No matter who I was with my cancer always came into the subject and I hated it. For once I wasn’t the one who was always talking. We said goodbye and agreed to meet each other day after tomorrow in Running Club. Ever since school started, I have been waiting to meet that one true friend, who would stick with me throughout summer, and she did all through summer. We became really, really close, and soon we were BFF’s. One day on a hot, summer day she brought me the news of a lifetime.

“Summer, I have great news for you, coach selected you to participate in the running competition!” she says bursting into my room. “WHAT! I’m not ready at all, what about you?” I say hoping that we could run together. “I didn’t get it since I’m pretty slow, but you did, don’t worry I’ll be there in the crowd cheering you on,” she says showing no jealously just enthusiasm. ” I won’t win though because of my cancer though,” I say disappointed it was getting in my way of doing my best. “SUMMER LINN ROBINSON, DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT EVER AGAIN!” she says with anger and excitement. “You can do whatever you want to, if you believe in yourself,” she states. “Fine, I’ll start practicing,” I say happy that I was selected. I practiced for hours, and was slowly improving, Carrie took the position of my coach and encouraged me daily. Soon, it was time for the race.

Girls from my past cheerleading group laughed as I stood at the running mark. “She probably only got selected because of publicity of her cancer,” they say giggling at me. It burned my chest that I used to be in that mean group. I’ll show them .I knocked out that thought of the girls out of my head and focused on the race. “Runners, starting mark, get ready, get set, GO!” the announcer says with excitement. I sprint to the finish line, but suddenly I feel a small ache in my head, cancer ache. I ignore its stinging and focus on the race, I was in about 5 position out of 7th. “No, I refuse to finish 5th because of this cancer,” I think, now sprinting harder and faster. 4th position, 3rd position, 2nd position, the crowd was screaming harder now. I was so close, I thought of my cancer, I thought of the cheerleaders, I thought of their comment, and I thought of 1st place. I sprint, almost flying, taking out my anger on my legs, and the black, concrete track. I was neck to neck to the other player, more anger I thought. My chest comes in contact with the gold paper, I had won.

The crowd was silent for that split second, surprised that, me, a girl with  cancer beat 7 other amazing runners. Then the cheering began, but out of the thousands of people,  I only heard one voice, Carrie’s.

2 summers ago I was diagnosed with brain cancer, but this summer I just won one of the most difficult competitions in the county. I used to hate my name Summer, because of the season, but now I believe that it was my destiny, summer was my destiny.



Thank you guy for reading! It took my a long time to write this, but i’m very proud. I hope each and everyone of you guys have a great summer, and keep checking out my blog for posts through the summer, and keep commenting. Bye!



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Tribute To Paul Walker


fast and furious premiere Teymur Madjderey via Compfight

Hey guys! Guess what was rated number one song of the year? You guessed right! See You Again, from the movie Fast And Furious 7. This song was dedicated to Paul Walker after he died in a car crash. If you have been living in a box for a year and have no clue what I’m talking about him, and being in a car accident click here to learn more.  He died during the making of Furious 7, which was very unfortunate. In the end of he movie they added a song dedicated to him after his accident, which became an instant hit and is being played all around the world. If you do not know the song, click here to listen to it.

I really hated the way Paul Walker died, he still had many good years left in him and was very, very young, and to die in something as stupid as a car crash seems horrible. He was a very talented actor and was about to start a family, before tragedy struck. The movie got delayed by many months because of his demise, he was one of the main actors in the movie, so it really affected the movie. Luckily, Paul Walker’s brother stepped in at the last moment and decided to complete the movie. Even though his brother was very talented, it was still not the same Paul. Many people are devastated by his demise, and listen to his song every day as a tribute to him and his success and generosity to the field of acting.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you hate how Paul Walker died, and love how they dedicated a song to him. Thanks!


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Happy National Best Friend Day!


Heart with metal loop for hangingCreative Commons License Elin B via Compfight


Hey guys! Today is National Best Friends Day! I wanted to write a post dedicated to all of those friends who made me smile throughout the school year.

Dear Best Friends,

Thanks for being there with me through out the school year. I just absolutely love you guys, and you guys aren’t my best friends. You are my soul sisters. You guys should never have to change for me and I should never have to change for you. Thanks for being there with me through out the whole year and making me laugh, cry, and smile every single day. You guys made me who I am today. LOVE YOU!!!!

Here are the shoutouts to my best friends, who also blog!

Sanju’s blog: Sanju, out of all of my best friends, you will always be the first on the list. Thanks for being you and being there for me when I need you.

Rhea’s blog: You are the foundation of my pyramid. When I was alone at the school, you took me under your wing, and introduced me to new people, who are now my BFFS!

Nellie’s blog: Nellie your just that one girl who can make me smile when i’m mad, sad, and just depressed.

Mariya’s blog: When I have news, your the one who’s always been the one to listen to me. Your my #1 gossip bud!

Leilani’s blog: You can help me giggle along at times and have always got my back to support me!


Though I have tons of more friends, they just don’t have blogs sadly! Leave me a comment, and I recommend that you do a post like me dedicated to all your best buddies. Thanks for reading!




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Meet The Characters In Namitha’s Brain

Hey guys! Who’s exited for the movie Inside Out? I AM! Everyone has emotions inside their head whether they like it or not. In dedication to the movie Inside Out I decided to introduce you guys to the emotions inside my brain.
Mischievous Milly: She’s that girl in my brain who’s ready to pull a prank any time of the day. (Her favorite prank? The invisible rope!)
Giggly Glinda: She loves to make people smile, and will probably be that one person giggling in a funeral, just because she thought of something funny.
  Disgusted Danielle: Some people can be so gross! EWWWWW! You were reading this without washing your hands!
Mysterious Meghan: She knows you ate the last cookie, and is giving you the stink eye right now!
Lazy Lilly: I would be happy to greet you but yours hands too far to shake!
Lovey-Dovey Dephane: He’s kinda cute, (if you know what i’m talking about.)
Those are just some of the emotions in my head. What are your emotions? Leave me a comment below telling me, always leave your URL so I can return the visit. Thanks for reading!
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Hey guys! Can you believe it? Only 10 more days of school left! So, I want to present to you a book I just finished reading, and loved SO, SO, SO much! Have you ever seen that lonely book in the library, wanting to be checked out? Well, this book is like that. Not many people have read the book, but it deserved to be read. You can check out the DoGo media article for more information on the book, but I will still add on a little book review of my own.

Johnny is a normal boy, who works hard hours to support his family, (which only includes him and his mother.) He works a shoe repairer at a local hotel, he needs the money from every request. One day, Princess Victoria is visiting Florida, and staying at the hotel he’s working at. Not only is she extremely kind, she is also very, very pretty. Johnny never knew that the princesses arrival would change his life forever. The princess needs a favor. From Johnny, and only Johnny. But, what would a princess like her want with a peasant like him? She wants him to find her missing brother, who was transformed into a frog by an evil witch. Hard to believe right? But, it’s true. If he finds her brother, she will agree to something. His hand in marriage! That would save all of Johnny’s financial problems, and even allow him to go to college with her money! Will he do it, or will something happen to him along the way? Find out by reading this book.

I really hope you guys check out this book, it is not an extremely long book, but a great book to end the school year with. Thanks for reading, and leave a comment below if you already read this book, or have any book reviews yourself! Thanks!


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Blog Post Inspired By ChrissyI









Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery Larry via Compfight

Hey guys! A few days ago, we connected to Mrs. Donofrio’s class from Florida, and we exchanged writing prompts. A particular post caught my mind, and I just had to do it. The writer of the prompt  is Chrissy. Here is what she wrote.

I put the cupcakes in the oven thinking they would be fine to leave for a little bit, until…

Here is my own response to it.

I put the cupcakes in the oven thinking they would be fine to leave for a little it, until green stuff oozed out of the cupcake tray. Weird thing is, I put nothing in green in the cupcakes. I start to clean up the green ooze, but then the second the kitchen towel hit the green ooze, I heard a loud roar. Not just any roar, the roar of something fierce, slowly coming alive.  I try again, thinking I was just hearing things, “ROAR!” It growled even louder then before, what was going on?

I realized it wasn’t me, the sound and the green ooze was alive! Did I accidentally bake a frog? I would have to get rid of it, (hopefully before my parents get home.) I touch it again more firmly then I did before. It growled, loud, but I ignored and started pulling and pulling, it didn’t budge a bit. It squirmed and fiddled, trying to escape the wrath of my hands. I was determined though, but I wasn’t the only one determined. I gave up falling backwards on  my bum.

I soon realize  this is no ordinary creature, but my teenage brother pulling a stupid prank on me. He must be behind the wall of the oven, I decide to get even by scaring my brother, but how would I do it? We all know he is the master of pranks, and I’m well the opposite. So, I decided to call my rebellious best friend, Laura, to help me out. She is what you call a rebel, bad girl, and all out trouble maker. But, she is also kind, supportive, and the best friend in the world. She would know how to get back at my brother. I give here a call on my IPhone 5 right away, and after 5 min she’s at my doorstep!

“Thanks for coming,” I say graciously. “No problem, you know how much I love pulling prank, you couldn’t have kept me away. I chuckle, that was so true. I lead her to the huge mess we call the oven. “Whoa,” she says. “I never knew your brother was this talented, if he wasn’t pranking you, I would give him a high five!” she says. “What’s your plan?” I ask, eager to hear her evil plan. “I think that we should, get him scared, so then he will run out of the wall and expose himself,” she replies. “I have a plan,” I say. “How about we say the house is on fire, so he will get so scared he’ll run out,” I say with an malicious grin on my face. “I love it, get started RIGHT NOW, GO!!!! “OMG! JONATHAN THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE, WHERE ARE YOU?” “IT CAME FROM THE OVEN, WE NEED TO GET OUT THE FIRE IS SPREADING, HURRY, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?” I scream at the top of my lungs, I can hear Laura smirking behind trying to hold in her laughter.

“WHAT?!?” Jonathan screams. “IT WAS JUST SUPPOSED TO BE A PRANK, NOT SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE, I’M COMING OUT!!!!” he screams. Once he is view, me and Laura just glare at him, smirking. “Oh, so you guys figured it out….” he says trying to avoid eye contact. “Okay, heres what’s going to happen, you are gonna clean this whole mess up, and do my chores for the week, or else I’ll tell mom,” I say with glee. “Fine, just don’t tell mom!” he says, knowing that doing my chores would be better than a months grounding. I give Laura a high five, she rocks.

Thats it for today, sorry I haven’t been posting very much, been quite busy with school lately. Just wait till summer starts, I will be posting like 10 times a day!!!! Thanks for reading, leave me a comment!


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My Year Of Blogging!


receptionist CALI – Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction via Compfight

Hey guys! Can you believe it? Only 16 more days of school! I have to say it’s been a great year. The year of blogging has been great, I have to say blogging made me speechless. If I could describe it in one word it would be incredible. Can say I loved it from the start though… I thought it would be a lame excuse for doing extra homework online. I was wrong! Once I learned we could write about anything and everything, blogging really connected me to the outside world.

What fascinated me most about blogging, was how people all around the world could read your post, and actually respond to it. I have had so many other student bloggers, from round the world come and visit m blog, and leave a comment. I am always so happy to read a comment, because every single comment I read, I learn something more about my writing. It’s not every day where you get to get feedback on every single writing piece you do, but blogging makes that happen.

I encourage you guys, who would like to be a future blogger, to start now! As long as you have a computer to type away at, you are set for blogging. And, another great thing about blogging is that it’s free on Edublogs! You can open a free account, no money whatsoever. Even if your a bit hesitate, try it, I thought I was gonna hate blogging at first, too, but look where I am now! Blogging is a big part of my life now, which I can’t get rid of or want to get rid of. Blogging is incredible.


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