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I’m Back!


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Hey guys! Remember me? Browny, the widget on Namitha’s blog? Ring a bell? Well, back in the middle of the school year, I decided to guest post for Namitha, and it was so much fun I decided to do it again. Click here to read the past post of mine. I had to beg Namitha to post on her blog, she is always so protective, sheesh, she needs to take a chill pill if you know what I mean. (Above are a few pictures of me extremely bored!) What should I blog about this time. Last time, I blogged about my top ten favorite food. OH! I GOT IT! I’ll blog about my top ten favorite activities this time! Okay, lets get started shall we!

  1. FETCH! Whats more fun than tossing the old tennis ball back and forth, am I right?
  2. EAT! Name the food I’m there!
  3. SLEEP! Everyone, even dogs, need their beauty sleep!
  4. SWIMMING! Not to brag but my doggy paddle is OFF THE HOOK!
  5. FRISBEE! Even though it hurts my teeth after…
  6. DOGGY SPA! Sometimes, your cuticles need a vacation day.
  7. HIDE AND SEEK! Although, people always try to find my tail first!
  8. TUG OF WAR! Never lost in my entire life!
  9. PUPPY PLAY DATES! Who doesn’t love to jump around with friends?
  10. READING COMMENTS! Don’t tell Namitha, but sometimes I hop on her laptop and see the comments you guys type!

I’m tired, boy that was a lot of work. But, it was super fun. Leave me a comment, like I said I always love reading some comments! Thanks for reading!



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“I’m Back!”

  1. June 28th, 2015 at 5:38 am      Reply Shenalie Says:

    Well hello (again)
    Thanks for visiting, there are so many other people to visit but you visited mine. Thanks, could you make a post on my blog, please. Sorry if it seems cheesy.
    Remember to keep posting, your posts are the best, I love it. Your blog is Amazing, it makes me look at other posts.
    When I get comments its so lovely, to read.
    Bye, from Shenalie

  2. June 28th, 2015 at 6:42 pm      Reply quynhthiterms1 Says:

    Hey Namitha!

    I love how you wrote this post through Brownys’ perspective! You are so creative, how’s your summer going? Mine is so much fun! I can’t wait to hear from you!

    Stay Happy 🙂

  3. July 4th, 2015 at 9:14 pm      Reply mrsrombachreads Says:

    Hi Namitha-

    That puppy looks like Clancy, our dog–eight years ago! Now she looks like Browny in the bottom photo…white faced and typically a lump on the floor. She’s gotten a little lazy in her old age (who can blame her really?). I like how you’ve written this post from Browny’s perspective? Thing of all the stories you could imagine from another’s perspective…your pencil, your cell phone, your tennis shoes, etc. This could become quite an interesting feature on your blog. 🙂 We’d never know who the guest writer would be…maybe you could even have your visitors guess! 🙂

    I hope you’re enjoying your summer and reading some awesome books. I think I’ve read six books so far, and I’m trying to decide whether to read Peak, Eye of the Storm, or Five Kingdoms next. Whichever I choose, I’ll then read Smile, which I hadn’t yet read (Shame on me, right?!). I’ll post some book reviews soon. Hope you’ll do the same!

    Well–it’s off to vacuum and move laundry from one machine to the next. I wish I had two washers and two dryers. Having three kids return from camp with laundry bags filled with yucky smelling clothing certainly puts my W & D to the test. 🙂

    Miss you–enjoy your summer. Keep blogging like you always do! 🙂

    Joy to you,
    Mrs. Rombach

  4. October 27th, 2015 at 10:31 pm      Reply Jacob Says:

    That is a very cute dog. Is that your dog?
    Pleas come and visit my blog and comment on one of my post and tell your friends:
    From Jacob

  5. October 28th, 2015 at 1:36 pm      Reply Dimitriy Dubskiy Says:

    Hi, my name is Dimitriy commenting to you from Lancaster, PA. I really enjoy your Paul Walker post and he was my favorite actor. I really hoped he survived the crash, but when later news came that said he didn’t I was bummed.

    Hi, Browny!
    My dog named Rocky really loves playing to. Like you said, who doesn’t?Rocky also loves being pet on the back. Please tell at my blog at (No capitals.)

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