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National Frog Jumping Day!


your friend the frogCreative Commons License Rob and Stephanie Levy via Compfight

Hey guys! Happy International Frog Jumping Day! So, everyone should HOP, HOP, HOP….TO THEIR BLOG! I decided to give those new bloggers some help, by giving them tips and tricks to be the best blogger they can be! So, lets hop along, (eh? See what I did there?)

  • First things first, make an all about me post so your blog readers can get to know you better! This is one of the MUST haves on a starting blog. Check out mine for inspiration on my blog, click here to get to it.
  • Grammer! No one likes a blogger that has so many grammar mistakes! Not only is it hard to understand what you are saying, it sometimes shows that you are not taking your blog seriously! If you need help fixing your grammar, you can always ask Google, or even me. I reply to all of my comments!
  • Get a few posts up! Start writing on your blog as soon as possible. Write about what you like to do, book reviews, and anything you have the desire to write about. To make things fun you could add pictures and videos to enhance your post.
  • Widgets! Don’t make your blog sidebar lonely, add some cool widgets like Clustermaps or Voki’s to keep your sidebar satisfied. Check out my teachers blogging resources tab to have some examples on what you can add. Click here to see her blogging resources page.
  • Make a blogging friends page! On this page you should add bloggers blogs from all around the world as a link they can click.(Maybe if you add them on your blog, they will add you on their blog!)
  • Leave comments! This is one of the most important things you must do when you are a blogger. When you leave a comment, leave your URL so they can return the visit. The more comments you leave the more comments you get. Who doesn’t love comments?
  • You don’t have to post every single day, try at least once a week. If you do it once a week on a regular basis that is GREAT! You will see your visitors rising and rising!
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT! Blogging is always something great, and everyone should take advantage of it. I encourage everyone to write about what they care about and passionate about!

I am still a student blogger, so I could always use some tips too! Leave  a comment giving me some tips about my blog, I would love that. Thanks for reading. Happy International Frog Jumping Day!


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Limerick Poem!




Pencils and Moleskines 03 Paul Worthington via Compfight



Hey guys! It’s international limerick day! So in English we are going to write limericks. You don’t know what a limerick is, you say? Never fear, click here to learn more about limericks. So, pick up that lonely pen, and start rhyming your heart out (that explains my picture.)Here is my limerick.

Once was a girl named Rhea

who wanted to visit Korea

to see gorillas

but little she knew

that some gorillas knew Kung Fu


That is my limerick dedicated to one of my awesome friends, Rhea, click here for her blog! Thanks for reading!


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Blog Survey


Hey guys! I really wanted to get some feedback from you guys, so I created a quick quiz that you can take. Every answer you put down is confidential, that means I will keep my lips zipped! Please be serious with it, I put in a lot of effort making the quiz and forming my blog. Click here for the survey.

I also wanted to thank all of you bloggers who did my Nepal challenge! I have been getting a ton of comments on the post and I wanted to thank you guys! I hope that Nepal is reading your guys posts, and being inspired to help their home town. Thanks for reading and please take the survey!


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Book Reviews!


Hey guys! I have to say I LOVE DoGo media! You can add articles about current events, sports, and much more! I try to insert at least one DoGo media into my post to make things interesting. So with a nod to DoGo media, I present to you book reviews all done by DoGo media, not me. But, I do recommend all of these books! I think it is great that you guys can read book reviews done by other people and not only me! I hope you like these books! I tried to put in different genres so all readers could enjoy them!


I know that only 5 books are pretty lame, but I did not want to add any more, because who wants to read book reviews all day long? Leave me a comment telling me if you have already read one of these books or plan to read one of these books! Thanks for reading!
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Earthquake In Nepal


Sunset at Mt. EverestCreative Commons License 旅者 河童 via Compfight

Hey guys! As many of you guys probably know, Nepal had a massive earthquake killing many people, if you don’t know about this tragic event here is a article from DoGo media to help you out.

So, this post is dedicated to all of those people in Nepal, who were affected by the earthquake. I think that it is devastating that people have lost their lives in this 2015 earthquake. A 15 year old man was found in Nepal under rubble after 5 days being there, alive. It is going to take an incredible amount of money to help Nepal recover from this horrible event. We sixth graders may not be able to donate thousands of dollars to help, but we can you use the power of WORDS. I want to encourage all of the student bloggers (and adults) to write on their blog, so we can send Nepal hope through our words. Our words are more powerful than we think. So I challenge each and every blogger out there to spread the WORD. This is my challenge to you! I will be commenting on every blogger’s blog who does a post sending hope to Nepal, if you leave me a comment sending me your URL to your post. And I know that many people will read this post and not do the challenge, but can you be the one person who will? Leave me a comment whether you do the challenge or not. Thanks for reading.


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Hey guys! So, today in school we have to do a poem about nature inspired by Langston Hughes. He wrote his nature poem about rain click here to read it.  I decided to do my poem on the ocean. 

\Ed Yourdon via CompfightJan 21, 2015 - sunrise on the beach - 16


Salt dancing on your tongue

Soft, violent drips making it’s way down your cheeks

The wet sand tickling your toes




The oceans waving to each other

Goodbye and hello


Thanks for reading my poem. Leave me a comment telling me what you thought. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR URL! Thanks for reading.




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Student Blogging Challenge


SundownCreative Commons License Lady May Pamintuan via Compfight


Hey guys! It’s that time again! STUDENT BLOGGING CHALLENGE! This time I get to do a poem on a relaxing picture. I am doing an across poem and I hope you like it. The word I will be using is nature.

Nice breeze pushing the waves

A violent sparkle blinding your eyes

The best quiet and peace

Uranus shining in the sky at night

Raindrops falling on you apple cheeks

Everything you could ever want

Thanks for reading my poem. Please leave me a comment telling me what you thought! It would mean the world to me if you did. Thanks again!


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Shout Outs!



Like Tim Kwee via Compfight

Hey guys! Before I forget to say, I have been getting a heap load of comments lately, and I lOVE IT! I love comments so much! I decided to do a quick post to shout out to my fellow bloggers who are doing wonderfully on their blogs. Here are a 5 student bloggers that are AWESOME! If I could I would give their blogs a big LIKE! Just like the photo I used!

Kate’s blog: I am really impressed with Kate, because even when she moved to Texas, she is still continuing to blog daily! Percy Jackson fans would love this blog!

Nellie’s blog: Since she is participating in the student blogging challenge, her visits have skyrocketed and so have our posts. A wonderful role model in the world of blogging. She is a fellow book lover!

Trang’s blog: Trang’s posts a lot! They don’t have many spelling errors, so a very impressive blog. Her posts are funny and cute, and cow lovers this blog is for you.

Mariya’s blog: Mariya posts long and meaningful posts that are pretty funny! She is a commenting master and I have to say half of my comments are from her. Her blog is definitely something to check out.

Mikayla’s blog: Mikayla posts a lot of her school work and what she loves to do. Maybe of her post have to do with her friends, which I find nice. d

Please leave a comment on all of these awesome blogs that deserve a shout out, and don’t forget me too! Make me even more happy by leaving your URL when you comment. Thanks!!!




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What Would We Do Without Our Precious Earth


yokohama'sCreative Commons License Leah Lovell Green via Compfight


Hey guys! It’s my second post of the day, and it’s also Earth Day! Here is a quick article on Earth Day from DoGo media, check it out:

I think Earth day is a fantastic way to celebrate our beautiful land and sea. I want to encourage you to do something outside and get your hands off some electronics! Please? Whats a better way to celebrate Earth Day? I did my share and went outside and helped my dad remove all of the weeds from our garden. What will you do? Grab a friend or a family member and try to spend some time outside with them. In fact, I DARE you to go outside and play for an hour. If 6 people comment on my blog, that they did the dare, I will do a special post dedicated to them. I know that this was a really short post, but I am satisfied since it is inspirational. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment whether you did the dare or NOT… Thanks again!
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Earth Day Poem


Child Tending Broken Baby Seedling free creative commonsCreative Commons License Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight

Hey guys! Today is Earth Day, so of course I am doing a poem about Earth Day, since its also National Poetry Month. Leave me a comment telling me what you thought about my poem.

The earth is something

special and warm

The home of many births

and good byes

Every seed is worth

a million bucks

The chirps of new born birds

To the yelps of a polar bear in Alaska

Home of poverty and pollution

and grassy hills

Where we were born

To where we will say our good byes

tears and laughter

With sprinkles of snow and sunshine

Our earth

Our Home

Please Protect!

Thanks for reading! Leave me your URL if you leave me a comment.


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